• David Foldvari
    David Foldvari

    “I’ve never found it that hard to keep ideas flowing. I buy cheap notebooks, which I fill full of shit drawings and pretentious ideas, and then I go through it all to filter out the good from the bad, and that feeds my work endlessly.”

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  • Woland

    “Finland is a great place for immersing successful designers, maybe because of its lack of beaches and good surfing spots! Well, at least the long winters provide us with ample time to spend indoors brooding over designs and plans and ideas. There is a long history of functional and rather minimalist design in Finland, but where does the creative energy stem from? I have to admit that that still remains somewhat of a mystery to me.”

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Pick of the Month
  • The Bug
    The Bug "Function/Void" Music Video

    London based production company and digital studio Nexus, and directors Factory Fifteen today announce the launch/premier of Function/Void, the dystopian video short featuring outstanding VFX created for Ninja Tune’s acid-grime artist The Bug. The production was in collaboration with executive producers The Creators Project, a joint partnership between Vice and Intel, set up to celebrate innovation in art and technology.

Upcoming Events
MIRA Live Visual Arts Festival 2014
MIRA Live Visual Arts Festival 2014

The MIRA festival is an international placeholder in the visual arts calendar bringing new creations, unexpected symbiosis, knowledge transfer and opportunities to ensure musical and visual artistic collaborations are fostered. What differentiates MIRA from other festivals and cultural activities, is the ability to interweave the visual and music elements to transform them into a unique and immersive experience for the public. MIRA creates genuine sensory experiences.

  • Art Represent – Outside Fixed Patterns
    Art Represent – Outside Fixed Patterns

    Art Represent has gathered a unique collective of working artists each experimenting with creative textures, materials and form. The pieces in this collection range from furniture to prints and organic matter installations. These singular works share an accessibility often-times missing in contemporary art, in that they fluidly integrate both within a budding art collection or in the interior decor of your home. All works will be for sale.

  • Let's Talk Design #8
    Let's Talk Design #8

    'Let’s Talk' is a series evenings with guest speakers out of the creative sector organised by Creative Network. This edition of Let’s Talk Design is a special one, as this is the first time held in the US. Confirmed spreakers are Nicolas Provost, Rizon Parein and Mario Hugo!

  • Above Second presents Changing the Subject by Tristan Eaton
    Above Second presents Changing the Subject by Tristan Eaton

    Above Second is proud to present Tristan Eaton’s first major solo exhibition. Eaton began pursuing street art as a teenager, painting everything from walls to billboards in the urban landscape wherever he lived, including London, Detroit and Brooklyn. The greatest catalyst for Eaton’s work is people and contemporary culture. Living a somewhat transient, travelling life, he meets hundreds, if not thousands of people every year. These people can become friends, lovers, memories or simply just images loosely attached to a distant time and place. For this body of work, Eaton has chosen to focus on these people.

  • Book Talk(s) at Cafe Paci
    Book Talk(s) at Cafe Paci

    Come and listern to: Vince Frost (Design Your Life), Christine Manfield (Dessert Divas), Karen McCartney (Superhouse) and Richard Unsworth (Garden Life). Introduce their new books – in conversation with Linda Gregoriou. Meet the authors, share a drink, be first to bag a signed copy.

  • Able&Partners presents Tokyo Designers Week 2014
    Able&Partners presents Tokyo Designers Week 2014

    “TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK” is an international design event that gathers the excellent architecture, interior, product design, graphic design and art from all over the world. Since 2005, the event has been taking place at Meiji Jingu Gaien Mae in Tokyo and attracting more than 100,000 visitors every year. This year, TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK 2014 will be held with 4 main themes—Design, Art, Fashion, Music—and offers more than 20 programs and events for 10 days.



Must Read
  • Adbusters #115: Blueprint for a New World Part IV (Techno) – What is reality?
    Adbusters #115: Blueprint for a New World Part IV (Techno) – What is reality?

    Is your OS up to date? Good. How’s your WiFi connection? Great. Are you reading this hunched over in a cubicle? LOL. Or maybe huddled in a bomb shelter? Uh-oh. Are you ready for Reality 2.0? Yikes. Can’t quite kick your Facebook habit? That’s normal. Or perhaps you’re wondering about the meaning of life now that every human action is monitored, recorded and exploited by the data-industrial complex? Yeah. So are we.

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  • COLORS 90: Football – Thirty-two teams. One golden trophy.
    COLORS 90: Football – Thirty-two teams. One golden trophy.

    This summer, an elite selection of extraordinary footballers finally comes together to play the most beautiful game on earth in COLORS 90 – Football. In this issue, a mechanical striker winds up to score at the 2014 RoboCup, a Saudi goalie dives for the save on a top secret pitch for women, and players from the streets of Sao Paulo to the fields of Dharamsala break out their bicycle kicks. For the 226 million footballers who play on streets, at school, at work, in jail and everywhere other than under the spotlight, COLORS presents the world’s most popular game as FIFA has never dared show it.

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